Born in Los Angeles, Duncan S. McCandless received his B.A. in Art History from Stanford University. He was a landscape designer in Marin County, California until 1977 at which time he moved to Europe. In France he began painting professionally and had a number of exhibitions in Paris until his return to California in 1981. Since that time he has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Mexico. These journeys have inspired much of his paintings, as have the untouched spaces of California and the American Southwest. The intimate scale of his painting enhances the breadth of his vision and conveys his inexhaustible affection for the grandeur of nature.
Ellen Easton Gallery, Santa Barbara, California
Thomas Reynolds Fine Art, San Francisco, California
Munson Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, Telluride, Colorado
Gump’s Gallery, San Francisco, California
Smith-Anderson Gallery, Palo Alto, California
Galerie Paysages, Le Touquet, France
Galerie Robert Proute, Paris, France
Maxwell Davidson Gallery, New York, New York
Galerie Shandar, Paris, France

Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona
Wells-Fargo Bank, San Francisco, California
Evansville Museum of Art, Evansville, Illinois
Frito-Lay, Inc., Texas
Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois
The Federal Reserve, Kansas City, Missouri
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Huff, Houston, Texas
Mr. & Mrs. Ernst Beyeler, Basle, Switzerland
George and Eugenie Corey, Pasadena, California
Vtsse. Claude de Cherisey, Paris, France
Charles & Mara Robinson, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mr. & Mrs. Anson Moore, Pasadena, California